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Anime Eyes had closed...

Loss of interest and patience, i guess. Anyway, some new sites coming in place of it. First off, l_unique!

A site for me and my friends to play in. There's a group blog, a webcomic, a page for us to place our writings, display our drawings and hmm... our oddities. However, if you are not interested, you might wanna go Rukia Network to see my other sites.

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. Comics

One of the four of us writes(mitsuki), the other draws(me!), the other edit(mai). The last one(nekoi) maintains the site along with me, and contributes lots of stuff to the other pages. She draws too!

Otanoshimi ni~!

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another webcomic(yuurei) of mine opened with my friend

the collective

card captor sakura shrine. Yes, this is the only shrine from here, that survived my loss of interest!